Hi there! My name is Michelle and I’m a college student, I’ve worked at two bakeries and I love to create and share my own recipes.

In 2011, my family moved to Paris, France for my dad’s job. I lived there for 2 years, and, as you can imagine, while there I was surrounded by gorgeous, flaky pastries and to-die-for baguettes wherever I turned. I came to fully appreciate the artistry, science and hard work involved in baking.

I really became an avid baker when I moved back to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Paris around four years ago and I no longer had a boulangerie and patisserie on every corner for my daily pastry fix. I primarily used baking blogs to find recipes and this is what inspired the idea of creating my own blog. The beautiful pictures on other blogs drew me in and I loved the idea of playing around with different combinations of ingredients to create my own recipes.

I am by no means a baking expert, but I love to try out new recipes and share the best ones. Thanks again for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the recipes!

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions!

Email: michelle@brownbutterandbiscuits.com

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